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Season Pass FAQ’s

What is a Season Pass?

Season passes allow pass holders unlimited entry to the park during the main season and provide unbeatable value for those wishing to visit multiple times throughout the year. They are valid for use during the main season from when the park opens in March to when it closes in November, subject to event-specific terms and conditions and availability.
For those who would like to visit the park regularly, the passes are the best possible value – meaning you only need to visit a few times to see the value against standard admission tickets. Find out more about season passes here.

How long are the passes valid for?

Season passes are valid for use during the main season, which here at Blackgang Chine covers from when the park opens in March – October half term, subject to standard opening dates, specific event terms and conditions and availability.

Certain event dates may be during the season for which entry with a Frequent Visitor Pass is invalid. This may include park entry during the event or specific entertainment, such as shows that require booking. Please see specific event information for all the details.

Does everyone in my family need a pass?

Children under 1 meter tall can enter the park for free. 
Children under one metre must obtain a free Season Pass to be efficiently scanned into the park. 
Children’s height will be measured at admissions, and shoes must be worn at all times.
On attaining a height of one metre, all children must either pay the normal individual admission day rate or purchase an upgrade to their Season Pass, which must be done at admissions in the park.

Children under 1 metre and between 1 metre and 1.2 metres will be issued a colour-coordinated wristband to ensure a smoother operation within the park in ride queues.

Do you offer free carer passes?

Yes! If you are an individual who requires carer(s), you can apply for an Access Card. This card or unique code that you will receive can then be used to validate an essential companion ticket by any individual to assist you during your visit to the park. The essential companion ticket will not be valid for entry alone – it can only be used in conjunction with the season pass of the individual who requires carer(s). Find out more on our accessibility page.

Do I have to book online in advance?

We request and recommend that guests without a season pass book their visits online in advance. This is the only way to guarantee entry on your chosen date.

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