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Lands of Imagination

Uncover and explore the many lands of imagination on your journey around Blackgang Chine. In one moment, you’ll be a pirate setting the cannons on a rival ship, and the next, a cowboy chasing outlaws out of town! The possibilities are endless when your creativity is the key!

Lands of Imagination

Cowboy Town

Yeehaw! Step into your own spaghetti western right here on the Isle of Wight. Tend to your horses in the stables, climb aboard the stagecoach, and swing through the saloon doors. Will you band together with the outlaws or join the Sheriff to round up the dastardly bank robbers and throw them in the county jail? 

While exploring Cowboy Town, you’ll come across General Stores – the place to grab all your cowboy essentials, from hats and bandanas to cap guns and all important sheriff badges! Find out more about the park’s retail outlets here.

Rounding up those outlaws sure does work up an appetite! So, stop by La Cantina for some wild west chow from burgers and hotdogs to nachos and fries! Find out more about the park’s food & drink outlets here.

Dodo Valley

One of Blackgang Chine’s most significant discoveries happened back in 2012 when the sea unearthed rare Dodo eggs, that miraculously hatched! Since then, these whacky characters have been running riot! Said to have made their way to the UK coastline via a wrecked pirate ship, they’ve made their home amidst the hanging net bridges. Witness this all-singing, all-dancing and adorably mischievous spectacle for yourself! Can you spot them all?

Lands of Imagination

Lands of Imagination

Underwater Kingdom

Dive into the deep blue sea and uncover the glistening underwater cave, vibrant luminescent coral reef and an abandoned sunken shipwreck before turning the corner to ‘swim’ beneath a huge 60ft blue whale overhead! Discover the adventures that wait you in the magical Underwater Kingdom with so many twists, turns and creatures to uncover!

After your deep-sea adventure into the Under Water Kingdom, pop into Chocabloc for a delicious energy boost! Serving freshly made warm doughnuts, waffles & churros with delicious sauces alongside a selection of sweet treats and hot & cold drinks. 

Restricted Area 5

Enter the gates of Restricted Area 5 at your own risk! Encounter life-size moving dinosaurs in the most realistic Jurassic experience since time began. Get up close and personal with dinosaurs of all types including an Argentinosaurus, bigger than a double decker bus, and the biggest animatronic T-Rex in the country – but only if you’re brave enough!

Lands of Imagination

Lands of Imagination


Stroll beneath the enchanted archway and see if you can spot the fairies that guard the entrance to Fairyland! Enter the realm through the toadstool village and take a moment to choose your perfect fairy home before making your way to the castle…Climb the spiraling staircases, up through the turrets to the balcony and cast your eye across the land! Can you find Sleeping Beauty and her prince?

Nursery Land

All your favourite childhood rhymes come to life in the wonderful Nursery Land. Explore the house that Jack built, climb inside giant toadstools, find Humpty Dumpty on his wall, and visit the old woman who lived in a shoe. What will your verse add to these traditional tales? Perfect for all ages, Nursery Land is most popular with our toddler explorers!

Lands of Imagination

Lands of Imagination

Pirate Cove

Avast me hearties! Are you ready to get stuck into an exciting sea battle between a pirate ship and a French frigate, complete with water cannons for classic pirate shenanigans? Head into the Crossbones Adventure play area where you’ll find a whole network of ships, crow’s nests, ladders, and rope netting to explore, as well as a pirate shooting gallery! 

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