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2024 Frequent Visitor Passes – Coming Soon

Enjoy endless days of memory-making! 

Our Frequent Visitor Pass gives you unlimited access to an entire season of fun and adventure! Including access to a full calendar of family entertainment and events!

Can’t wait for our 2024 passes to be released? You can buy gift vouchers now that can be used towards a frequent visitor pass later.

The Perfect Gift!

Our Frequent Visitor Pass is the perfect choice if you want to give the gift of adventure and quality time spent together. 

Frequent Visitor Pass Benefits

Our Frequent Visitor Pass (FVP) gives you unlimited access to the park. Yes, you really can visit as many times as you want! PLUS, it unlocks a whole host of other discounts and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions & T&Cs

Purchasing your brand-new 2023 Frequent Visitor Pass is super simple! You’ll need to know the following details for each FVP holder:
– First name
– Last name
– Date of birth
– Passport-style photo (this can be taken on a phone – it just needs to be recognisably you! Please ensure you are the only person in the photo.)

All personal data is held securely by Vectis Ventures in alignment with our GDPR and privacy policies.

We’ve been listening to lots of feedback from our guests and Frequent Visitor Pass holders over the past few years and having this new digital system means we can give all our members much more flexibility. You’ll all be able to manage your own account, make and change bookings and access exclusive offers, too!

It’s also a much more eco-friendly option! We’re dedicated to cutting down on the amount of printed material we produce, and physical passes are a great way for you to help us achieve that goal!

Digital Frequent Visitor Passes are also more secure – you can’t lose them, and you can’t forget them!

Joining our Frequent Visitor Pass family grants you unlimited access to the park(s) for the whole of the main 2023 season. That includes access to a full calendar of epic events. You’ll also gain access to your very own Frequent Visitor Pass portal meaning you can manage your account, make and change bookings and access exclusive offers. All 2023 Frequent Visitor Pass holders have access to 10% off Food and Beverage*, and retail during their visits, as well as 10% off paid for in park activities like Gold Panning, and Rumpus Potions.

Guests are also able to bring friends and family to the park and receive a 50% discount on their admission price**.

*Please note, Frequent Visitor Pass 10% off food and beverage is only applicable at the park(s) their pass is valid for.
Packaged confectionary and alcohol not included.
**This is limited to one person per Frequent Visitor Pass, and is not available in Whitsun or the 6 week summer holidays.

You are able to spread the payment in three with PayPal. Simply select this option at checkout.

Absolutely! You’re welcome to purchase a single park Frequent Visitor Pass initially and then upgrade later in the year. To upgrade, you’ll simply pay the difference (£39).

All children aged 4 and over will need to hold a valid Frequent Visitor Pass. Children under the age of 4 are welcome to enter the park free of charge and therefore don’t require any pass.

Guests who require additional assistance whilst visiting the park are able to claim free Frequent Visitor Passes for their carer(s). Blackgang Chine partners with Nimbus Disability, operators of the Access Card scheme, to assess and manage applications for our Essential Companion tickets. Click here for further information.

Our 2023 passes are valid from the first park opening date (11th February for Robin Hill, 25th March for Blackgang Chine), until the end of the main season (end of October half term).

All rides and attractions are included in your admission price.

Special events and featured entertainment throughout the season may incur additional fees.

Various food and drink options can be purchased at our outlets in-park.

Frequent Visitor Passes are not transferable or interchangeable. They cannot be used to verify admission to the park by anyone other than the individual named and pictured on the Frequent Visitor Pass itself. Anyone attempting to enter the park with another individual’s pass will be refused entry and that Frequent Visitor Pass may be voided without refund.

However, Frequent Visitor Pass holders receive a 50% off admission benefit for paying friends and family. This is limited to one guest per Frequent Visitor Pass, and is not available during Whitsun or the 6wk summer holidays.

We’re encouraging all our Frequent Visitor Pass holders to embrace the new digital system and help us achieve our goal of significantly reducing print.

However, if you really want a printed version, you’ll be able to print the downloadable PDF from your order confirmation email at home!

Yes! All 2023 Frequent Visitor Pass holders will receive 10% off food & drink in park during their visits.

To claim, simply show your valid 2023 Frequent Visitor Pass to a member of staff and they will apply the discount for you!

Please note, discounts are only applied at the park where your Frequent Visitor Pass is valid

Frequent Visitor Passes (FVPs) are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable.

When purchasing your pass, you will need an up-to-date passport-style photograph. This is so we can identify you upon entry to the parks. If the photograph isn’t of a suitable likeness or not clear enough, we reserve the right to refuse entry.

A digital copy of all Frequent Visitor Passes will be provided via email after purchase. These are valid for entry to the parks and are to be used in replace of a physical card from 2022 onwards.

You should ALWAYS bring your digital Frequent Visitor Pass when visiting the parks. Access to certain events may require passes to be shown upon entry, even if an online booking has been made. We cannot guarantee entry to the parks if you cannot provide proof of current Frequent Visitor Pass status.

Frequent Visitor Passes guarantee standard entry to the parks when they’re open, for the year that they’re issued, unless clearly stated otherwise. The 2023 main season will run from 25th March – 4th November for Blackgang Chine, with exact opening dates and times to be confirmed.

Entry to special events or featured entertainment may be included free of charge with a Frequent Visitor Pass. This will be determined on an individual event basis – please refer to event-specific T&Cs for more details. Details of events and any special entertainment within the 2023 season will be released and communicated to all FVP holders as soon as possible.

No discounts are offered on Frequent Visitor Pass purchases within the parks.

Children under 4 years old are not required to hold a Frequent Visitor Pass until they turn 4; at which point a pass or valid admission ticket will be required to access the parks.

FVP holders will receive 10% off retail, food & drink in-park when presenting a valid 2023 Frequent Visitor Pass.

Vectis Ventures (Blackgang Chine & Robin Hill) is entitled to use Frequent Visitor Pass holder’s details to contact them about service information, including, but not being limited to, information about changes to these Terms and Conditions, details on using the FVP and expiry and/or renewal reminders.

The Park Manager, MD, or their agents, may refuse admission or revoke Frequent Visitor Passes at any time on the grounds of public safety or if other exceptional circumstances permit. Attempting to use a Frequent Visitor Pass that is not your own will result in the cancellation of the pass without a refund.

Access to the parks is provided in accordance with our standard terms and conditions of entry.

The parks reserve the right, in their absolute discretion, to vary the opening and closing dates of the parks, remove or cancel all or any part of the rides, events, attractions or facilities for any reason at any time. The full value or any part of the value of the Frequent Visitor Pass will not be refunded, nor will any compensation be payable if any of the rides or attractions become unavailable or if any part of the parks, rides and attractions are closed or removed.

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