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Rides & Attractions

Take a look at our thrill-seeking rides, exciting interactive walk-throughs, playtime classics, and everything in between for the perfect family day out on the Isle of Wight! 


An archaeological dig has revealed some interesting activity above the dinosaur enclosures in Restricted Area 5. Help Doctor Livingstone unearth the mystery with a ride on EVOLUTION! Will you brave the drop tower 400ft above sea level?

Minimum height: 1.4m unaccompanied, 1.1m when accompanied by an adult


The sea is a cruel mistress, will you brave the cascading tide to save your pirate crew or abandon ship as you’re thrown up and over the waves?

Minimum height: 1.2m unaccompanied, 90cm when accompanied by an adult


Put your limits to the test 400 feet above sea level on the Isle of Wight’s only roller coaster! With 40 foot drops, twists and turns, it’s fun for the whole family. The Cliffhanger is one of Blackgang Chine’s most popular rides!

Minimum height: 1.1m 


Get ready for the Isle of Wight’s biggest waterslide! Will you opt for the open-top ‘Overflow’ chutes or brave the dark ‘Plughole’…the choice is yours! This exhilarating ride is fun for the whole family, with the choice of riding in pairs or solo! 

Minimum height: 1.2m unaccompanied, 1m when accompanied by an adult

Pirate Barrels

How seaworthy are you? Put your jelly legs to the test and buckle up for a fun ride on the spinning barrels! With no height restrictions, it’s the perfect ride for young buccaneers! 

Snakes & Ladders

It’s the classic family boardgame like you’ve never experienced it before. Leave your fate in the hands of another family member as they spin the wheel to decide if you climb the ladders or slide down the backs of the slippery snake slides! 

Minimum height: 1.1m 

Please note that to ensure the safety of all guests, this attraction will close in wet weather as the slides become too slippery. 

Rumpus Mansion

Make your way through Rumpus Mansion, the once fine old building that’s now overrun with boggarts, gremlins, pixies and mythical creatures! Push the buttons to interact with the mischievous characters as they cause chaos in the mansion

Musical Pet Shop

Step inside Mr Mel-O-Dee’s Pet Shop and meet all of his weird and wonderful animals! From the Tasmanian devil to the chatterbox parrot, there’s lots of exciting creatures to meet. Stay long enough and they might even sing you a song!

Hall of Mirrors

Take a wander through the topsy turvy Hall of Mirrors and see yourself like never before! Stretched out, shrunk down, pulled sideways or as a wiggly worm, it’s fun for the whole family! And did you know…the mirrors in the hall of mirrors are over nearly 100 years old? That’s seriously bad luck if you break one of those!

Crooked House

Step inside the Isle of Wight’s wonkiest house, with tilted floors, slopping walls, and cheeky characters getting up to all sorts of strange antics! Nothing is quite as it appears in the Crooked House… 

Mouth of Hell

Will you dare enter the Mouth of Hell? Creep past the sharp teeth, look through the eyes, and see if you’ll fit through the gap. As one of Blackgang Chine’s classic attractions, you’ll soon see why this is a family favourite!

Jonah’s Whale

Search for Jonah when you step inside the mouth of his friendly whale friend but watch out…you might get wet! This interactive walk-through is great fun for the whole family, but be warned, Jonah may not be inside. Where else do you think he’d be? 

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