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Blackgang Chine – UK’s Oldest Family Theme Park on the Isle of Wight – The Land of Imagination

Create magical memories at Blackgang Chine family theme park UK.

Enjoy an exciting day of attractions, rides and events for all ages.

Be part of history as we celebrate 180 years of imagination in 2023 at the best theme park in the South!

<p>Calendar & <br />Opening Times</p>
<p>Calendar & <br />Opening Times</p>

Calendar &
Opening Times

Times and Prices

Choose the perfect date and time to visit Blackgang Chine, the UK’s oldest family theme park. Check our opening times, ticket prices and learn about our frequent visitor passes.

<p>What's <br />On</p>
<p>What's <br />On</p>


Epic Family Events

Blackgang Chine’s calendar of events. From summer evening entertainment that includes fireworks to spooky Halloween fun and everything in between! 

<p>Terror Island</p>
<p>Terror Island</p>

Terror Island

Terror Island

The ultimate Halloween destination. Terror Island is more than scare mazes. It’s a complete Halloween experience with thrilling rides, live music, creepy roaming characters, spooktacular street entertainment, and gory games.

Create magical family memories in the oldest family theme park in the UK. Discover our Land of Imagination.

Let your creativity soar when you start your Isle of Wight adventures at the UK’s oldest theme park!

Immerse yourself in the wild and wonderful charm of Blackgang Chine, where magical memories are made in The Land of Imagination.

PLUS, enjoy the park’s NEW thrilling ride for 2023: Extinction!

Blackgang Chine is an exciting kids’ day out and a grown-up attraction too!

<p>Lands of<br />Imagination</p>
<p>Lands of<br />Imagination</p>

Lands of

Lands of Imagination

Uncover and explore the many lands of imagination on your journey around Blackgang Chine, the oldest family theme park in the UK. In one moment, you’ll be a pirate setting the cannons on a rival ship, and the next, a cowboy chasing outlaws out of town!

<p>Rides and<br />Attractions</p>
<p>Rides and<br />Attractions</p>

Rides and

Thrilling Rides

Explore thrill-seeking rides! Scream on Extinction and make a splash on the Isle of Wight’s giant waterslide, Waterforce! Discover exciting interactive walk-throughs and playtime classics. It’s the perfect family theme park in the UK!

<p>Food<br />and Drink</p>
<p>Food<br />and Drink</p>

and Drink

Food and Drink

A busy day exploring the park will undoubtedly result in some rumbling tummies. Choose all your favourites – we offer nothing but the best theme park food throughout the park! Don’t forget, if you’re a frequent visitor pass holder you get a 10% discount on all food and drink too!

Up to 7 Days' Free Returns

Up to 7 Days’ Unlimited Free Returns

Don’t think you’ll have enough time during your first visit to explore everything? No problem! All our standard park tickets come with up to 7 days of unlimited FREE returns.

This means you’ll be able to return as many times as you like within the seven days after your initial visit, subject to park opening, events and availability.

To learn more about free returns and making the most of your tickets, read our Tickets & Booking FAQ.

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