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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions frequently asked by schools, groups and agencies

Complete the schools registration form on our main schools page and follow the link provided in the email confirmation. The booking portal will offer any other products available to you during your visit.

We offer schools a pass for two adults to visit us in advance of a trip free of charge. These must be booked in advance via the booking form. Our Front of House teams will be happy to help answer any queries you have during your visit. This will help you plan your visit with us around the requirements of your students.

Your coach drivers will park in the designated coach parking area to let you safely disembark. We ask that the lead teacher comes in to see our Front of House team to book the school in, pick up the maps and any extra information you may need for the visit before bringing the group through. This is to ensure that we are able to give all the relevant information – it can get very noisy in our Front of House, especially if we have more than one school in at once.

Blackgang Chine has primarily outdoor attractions, and the indoor space is limited. The best advice is to dress accordingly and enjoy being outside. In adverse weather conditions, schools may be able  to eat inside our main cafes – please speak to our front of house team when you arrive to arrange this!

We understand that situations and circumstances change. You can change or cancel your booking up to 28 days before the day of your visit free of charge, but you will need to call our team to do so. After this point there will be a cancellation fee.

Please be aware that strobe lighting may be in use within our Rumpus Mansion Attraction at Blackgang Chine.

The Vortex attraction at Blackgang Chine contains a rotating lighting effect, which may effect some visitors.

The parks have a range of facilities suitable for disabled visitors.  Whilst the parks are accessible to visitors, please be aware that the park is situated on hilly ground. Unfortunately we don’t hire out wheelchairs or disability scooters, so please make adequate provisions before you visit.

Please download our current guide for guests with disabilities from our useful resources for more detailed information on ride restrictions, attractions access and any requirements for helpers to accompany guests. This should enable you to assess your own abilities and make an informed decision about which attractions you are able to, or wish to use.

Blackgang Chine has a water slide ‘Waterforce’ which children sit in boats to ride. The insides of the boats may be wet, and children may get splashed at the bottom of the slide.

We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your visit with us, comfortable in the knowledge that your students will be safe with us. We have a pre-prepared risk assessment for both parks, or alternatively if you would prefer you can book a free pre-visit and create your own. Please see our policies and details page for our risk assessment and public liability insurance certificate. Individual attraction risk assessments can be provided upon request.

We hope you won’t need to use these facilities whilst you are with us. However, there is a first aid post and rest facilities located within the Main Entrance/Exit building of both parks, and this is also the facility for cold storage of medicines. Each outlet will also have a basic first aid kit if required. Both parks will always have staff on duty who are trained as ‘Appointed Persons’ for first aid help. A defibrillator and wheelchair is also located at the first aid post.

The Park has a very clear and fine-tuned ‘Lost Child Procedure’ in place. This includes contact with all outlets via telephone and/or two-way radio and levels of escalation, depending on the situation. All staff are thoroughly briefed on this procedure. If a child is missing from your party, please inform any member of staff immediately.

Rides are routinely inspected and serviced daily, weekly and monthly as per requirement by qualified in-house personnel. All rides are annually inspected by LTC (Leisure Technical Consultants) who then issue an “Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme” (ADIPS) certificate. We hate to close any ride or attraction, but we reserve the right to close them for routine maintenance if required. In this instance we will always endeavour to re-open them as quickly as possible once it is safe to do so.

We hate to close rides & attractions for essential maintenance & refurbishment at short notice, but we reserve the right to do so. Safety is of paramount importance to us, and we will always ensure that is the priority. We will try to let you know if we can when issues occur.

For safety reasons, in wet weather Snakes and Ladders will close at Blackgang. In extremely high winds, Extinction, Evolution, Shipwrecked, and Waterforce Waterslide at Blackgang may also close – however this is quite a rare occurrence. In these cases, the situation will be continually monitored, and should the weather improve the team will attempt to re-open the rides when safe to do so. In the case of an electrical storm, Waterforce will close, until the storm has passed.

Unfortunately due to the number of schools we have visit us every year, and our already great schools-exclusive pricing, we are unable to accept Frequent Visitor Passes as part of school groups. All visitors as part of the school will need a valid school ticket.

Blackgang Chine is the ideal school group day visit and should be part of any primary years trip, whether you are planning a reward or a learning experience. Packed with fun activities for all age groups, from rollercoasters to animatronic dinosaurs, giant garden games to roleplay opportunities, we also offer a wide range of curriculum-relevant learning materials in key subjects and topics including Geography, History, English and Maths.

Blackgang Chine offers a great value package for school group visitors and free places for teachers. A great fun day out for all ages and interests in an enclosed theme park environment, perfect for learning, fun or a bit of both. Bring your own packed lunch or visit one of our many cafes and snack outlets.

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