Big Night Out Fireworks Displays

Due to growing demand from our visitors, we have extended our popular Big Night Out event to three evenings this year. This is to ensure that we can give every visitor arriving at our event, the best possible experience.

We have investigated the use of silent fireworks with our contractors, but unfortunately at this stage, silent fireworks aren’t advanced enough to hit the heights we need for the show on the cliff edge. We will continue to investigate this, and hope that, in the future, developments in this area will meet our needs.


We take health and safety at all of our events extremely seriously, which includes a robust plan to ensure the safety of the public, our visitors and staff.


We have a competent and credible external contractor who run the firework show (Classic Fireworks), They provide:

  • Full Health and Safety documentation, including a site survey and risk assessment.
  • Many years of experience in the fireworks industry, designing and firing displays and producing multimedia events with director involvement in all displays.
  • Membership of CBI Explosives Industry Group and British Pyrotechnists Association.
  • All firers have BPA firers certificated training.
  • All products designed and tested to BS 7114.

Classic Fireworks have over 10 years’ experience at producing fireworks displays at Blackgang Chine. We involve them in all of our decision making.

We work closely with the Isle of Wight Council when planning for these events. We ensure the clean up of the fireworks, on our land, happens immediately with an additional follow up clean, the morning following

Should you have any further enquires, please contact us via [email protected]