Are you

Are you #TeamDINO or #TeamCOWBOY?

Are you #TeamDINO or #TeamCOWBOY?

Question 1 of 10.

Pick a colour

Question 2 of 10.

Pick a film

Question 3 of 10.

Pick a song

Thank u, next – Ariana Grande
Dance Monkey – Tones and I
Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi
You’ve got a friend in me – Randy Newman
Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles
Bad Guy – Billy Eilish
Question 4 of 10.

This weekend you’re most likely to be…

1. Spending lots of time outside doing exercise
2. Spring cleaning the house and pruning the garden
3. Meeting up with friends
4. Baking up a storm
5. Working
6. Relaxing on the sofa
Question 5 of 10.

What’s your favourite chocolate bar?

Question 6 of 10.

Pick a hobby

Horse Riding
Question 7 of 10.

My ideal holiday would be…

1. Somewhere hot and sunny
2. A snowy winter wonderland
3. An all-inclusive theme park holiday
4. Camping in the wilderness
Question 8 of 10.

Are you a fast runner?

1. Yes
2. No
Question 9 of 10.

Pick a sandwich

Cheese and ham
Mozzarella and pesto
Prawn Cocktail
Question 10 of 10.

Which phrase describes you best?

1. Intimidating
2. Strong
3. Intelligent
4. Worrisome
5. Fun
6. Daring

All 10 questions completed!

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