Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June

DING DING! This May half term at Blackgang Chine will see some of our most-loved characters go head-to-head in the ultimate popularity battle! Our corral of rootin’ tootin’ cowboys will take on the roarsome dinosaurs from 31st May – 4th June. Who’s team will you choose? And who will come out on top?

If you’re a dino-fanatic, you won’t want to miss the chance to meet our newest member of the team! He’ll be joined by our cheeky T-Rexes Shadow & Sheila and you’ll have the option to lend a hand with his training. Once you’re done rounding up the dinos, you can head into the Jurassic Hunt for a fully immersive, live-action experience.

Or, if you’re rootin’ for our Sheriffs and Outlaws, head to Cowboy Town where you’ll find a hum-drum of wild west activity. Take in the adrenaline-inducing live performances, play your part in showdowns and dance away the afternoon with the Mariachi fiesta!


Dinosaurs are magnificent creatures
Hundreds of species
Individual features
So you really think
Cowboys could beat them?
Count yourself lucky
That you don’t get eaten!
Ankylosaurus has a
Club for a tail
Impenetrable armour
Like chainmail
Brachiosaurus is
A living skyscraper
Compared to him?
You’re just a failure.
Has plates on it’s back
It may be a herbivore
But it will attack
All the way to Cretaceous
Doesn’t matter which
All of them are dangerous!

Velociraptors are oh so clever
They’re quick and their quiet
And they work together
They’re deadly killers
And they hunt as a pack
When you think you’re safe
That’s when they attack!

The wild wild west is a dangerous place
Full of bandits
And outlaws
And venomous snakes

So dinosaurs
They don’t bother me much
I could take ‘em down easy
But I’m in no rush
Coz me and my crew
We’re the baddest of the bad
You think you can take us
Well that’s just sad
Be honest with yourself
Coz you know you ain’t winning
Look at you
Your basically a featherless chicken!
You’re oversized lizards
And that ain’t right
You’re all jurassic bark
But no bite.
Well dinosaurs might have their pointy teeth,
I’m not nervous I could take em in my sleep!
I’m the quickest draw in the whole of the west
And when it comes to rapping
You know I’m the best
Your rhymes are weak
You’ve got no conviction
Maybe it’s time
For a second extinction!
Team Dinos roar!
Team Cowboys shout!
Coz when the battle starts out
You better watch out!
There can be only one winner
Here tonight.
Cowboys vs dinosaurs
Who will win? You decide!
Those were lovely rhymes
You really tried your best
Now Bow down to the almighty t-rex!
40 feet tall
With teeth like knives
You cowboys should be fearing for your lives!
Your hats aren’t cool
Trust me
Forget the good and the bad You’re just ugly!
All dressed up
On my little pony
You’re not a real cowboy
You’re just a phoney!
You’re rhymes are weak
Get tyrannosaurus wrecked!
Why don’t you keep quiet
And show some respect
To the greatest creatures
That ever lived!
Do you even know
What you’re dealing with?
This raps a million years
In the making
You’re wearing knee high boots
And you’re shaking.
Hold your horses now
Take it back to the beginning
You seriously think
That y’all are winning
So make your move
Coz I wont stop
Looks like we got ourselves
A good old standoff…
Life’s pretty rough
On the old town road.
The goings got tough
Now you gotta go!
You’re cold blooded
Yellow-bellied scared cat creatures
Ugly old lizards with
Unappealing features
Was that too harsh
For you dinosaurs?
My rhymes are hot
Like a meteor!
Tuck your tail between
Your legs
Get out shoot Or I’ll turn you into a new pair of boots

Team Dinos roar!
Team Cowboys shout!
Coz when the battle starts out
You better watch out!
There can be only one winner
Here tonight.
Cowboys vs dinosaurs
Who will win? You decide! x2
Team Dinos Roar!
Team Cowboys Shout!
(YEEHAW!) x2
-Words and music by Liam Atwood

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Experience Jurassic Hunt...

If you’re up for a challenge and on the lookout for adventure, head to Jurassic Hunt; a brand-new live-action experience coming to Blackgang Chine!

Join our intrepid explorers on an adrenaline-inducing journey through The Lost Temple, in search of footprints, eggs and a whole host of clues which may lead you to a roaring surprise!

This live-action experience will feature an actor-led walk-through of an undercover, indoor maze.
Exemplary COVID-safe measures will be in place and restrictions will apply. Minimum 4yrs.

Check out the full programme!