Rattlesnake Jake

Keeping grave diggers in business

Jake busted out of jail (years ago) and has been on the trail ever since. He is known to be affiliated with Crazy Bill Gauge of the Gauge Gang and is the leader of the Porcupine Posse.

He has robbed Buffalo Creek’s National Bank multiple times from under the Sheriff’s nose. Jake has already scared two Sheriff’s out of town and evaded capture from three… he isn’t afraid to fight.

Jake dips his bullets in rattlesnake blood before he shoots and made his boots out of their skin. His name comes from his signature move – putting live rattlesnakes in famous Cowboys’ boots before he shoots them.

He is known to hand out illegal tender to pay would-be good guys to become outlaws, make the Sheriff cry and join his gang… so before accepting any payment from Rattlesnake Jake, always check the note.