Lady Penelope and Raphus Dodo

Come and meet our larger than life resident Dodo’s! Originally from Mauritius, Raphus and Penelope were intended to be a present from Charles Darwin to Alexander Dabell in 1843. Unfortunately they were lost in postage and ended up going round the world until finally being delivered in March 2016. They both love to travel and have been all over the world since the 17th century. Often compared to Chickens and Ostriches, but Lady Penelope finds this highly offensive.

Lady Penelope loves being the centre of attention, has a wild sense of humour and will do anything she can to ensure she gets the most of the limelight. She is commonly found impersonating others in an attempt to impress our visitors.

Raphus Dodo gets his name from the Latin for Dodo and is the model gentleman. He spends his days trying to look after and protect Lady Penelope who more often than not ignores his advice and continues to create mayhem.

They arrived with several acclaimed ‘scientists’ with a specialism in Dodo care, who try their best to keep the Dodo’s under control, by bribing them with a  Garibaldi biscuit. Dr Clementine Brown is the lead in this field, and has dedicated her life to keeping the Dodos here at Blackgang Chine.

Please note: Our Dodo’s are only available in peak times.