Valley Of The Dodos

A curious and impossible treasure was uncovered during Blackgang’s secret Winter months of Imagination in 2012!

Our Dodos were hand-reared by the park gnomes from centuries-old eggs and then let loose in the park to entertain our visitors. More importantly for our brightly coloured friends they must try and defy extinction itself once again!

King’s Breakfast found at Blackgang!

Over 300 years ago, King Louis the XIV sat upon the French throne. A man of distinction and fine tastes, he required only the best for his kingdom and for his stomach.

He ordered his men to source him a rare delicacy, Dodo Eggs, all the way from the island of Mauritius. The men set sail and the specimens were easily acquired. The return journey was long and treacherous and the prized cargo never made it back to France. Intercepted by English pirates, the ship was wrecked just off the coast of Blackgang and its cargo buried deep in the cliffs for collection at a later date.


No one knows why the pirates never came back for the Dodo eggs, although an extended stay at the local tavern has been cited as a possibility. So there they sat, untouched and unhatched, for hundreds of years whilst the entire Dodo species quickly died out back in Mauritius. But then, earlier this year, shocked staff uncovered the eggs whilst digging out foundations for a new bridge in the park.

The staff knew nothing of the contents of the eggs but were sure that they must certainly have perished over the years. However the very next day, defying all scientific beliefs and to the surprise of everyone, the eggs began to hatch!

And now, nestled in the new chine valley, the worlds wackiest flock of Dodos have set up camp, where they are ready to entertain and amuse all those who pass by. Overwhelmed by the excitement of their new home, they’ve all but run riot, getting themselves into all kinds of hilarious situations. So why not take a visit to the Valley of the Dodos and witness the all-singing, all-dancing and adorably mischievous spectacle for yourself. They may just be Blackgang’s most eccentric attraction yet!