Blackgang Fairies

Fairy Aqua:

The Fairy of the sea’s, granting wishes as she please! Fairy aqua is kind and friendly to all above and below sea. She has a calm tempered nature.

Fairy Blunder:

Blunder is an apprentice fairy, she’s scatty, clumsy and a little miss placed. She may even need a fairy L plate! The youngest of the fairies, cheeky and mischievous and lot of fun!

Fairy Forest:

Fairy Forest is earthy, grounded and sincere. She’s a proud warrior of the forests, and guardian of nature. Fairy Forest is caring but strong a great mentor to all.

Fairy Blossom:

Fairy Blossom, the spring fairy and creator of flowers! Delicate and shy, she’s elegant and free, light as a daisy. Fairy blossom is lover of all things colourful and pink!

Fairy Buccaneer:

Fairy Buccaneer is adventurous and loud! A bold, brash personality yearning for adventure. She’s unapologetically reckless and always causing mayhem!