Baby Dinosaurs

Baby George 

George is a baby Brachiosaurus and is the youngest of our dinosaurs. At only two weeks old, he is still in nappies and being bottle fed by our handlers. George’s favourite way to spend his day is to be fast asleep – he needs his rest as he will grow to be 25 meters long and weigh nearly 50 tonnes when he is fully grown.


Caulky is without doubt the naughtiest of the baby dinosaurs, and will try to steal his handler’s hat at any opportunity!  He is a Caulkicephalus, which were discovered on the Isle of Wight and are related to Pterodactyl’s. Caulky is not yet able to fly, as his wings aren’t strong enough.

Jack and Jill

Brother and sister, Jack and Jill, are our very nosy baby Oviraptors. They love nothing more than getting up close and personal with our visitors! They’re dark colours help them blend in with the bushes and greenery. Their favourite food is eggs but they only get those as a special treat!