Expect lost gold, outlaws & explosive action at Wild West Week

With Wild West Week fast approaching, here at Blackgang Chine, we’re gearing up for a more action-packed and explosive live-action Cowboy show than ever before! Here’s a short synopsis of the storyline:

It’s 1850 and the good folk of Cowboy Town have fled to the hills after the arrival of the infamous outlaw Rattlesnake Jake. He’s on the quest to find the Lost Gold of Rockola, a legendary stash of gold hidden by an outlaw called the Rockola Kid. With his trusty sidekick, Sam Shuttlebucket, Jake is racing against time to find the gold before other outlaws arrive in town. Unlucky for him though, Bounty Hunter Buffalo Bob is on her way to collect the bounties on as many outlaws as possible. Can Jake find the gold before he gets caught? And will Theodore Wilberforce Indiana Tucker, the new Sheriff in town be able to bring law and order back to Cowboy Town?

We caught up with the script writer for the show to learn a little more about the writing process and the characters involved:

“The main objective when writing a script like this is to ensure that the focus is correct throughout. It’s so easy for visitors to be distracted in outdoor shows so it’s my job to make sure that audiences are captivated throughout – whether that’s by clever use of script, pyrotechnics, music or lighting.” And there’s plenty of gun shots, explosions and action to keep our audiences entertained this May Half Term!

“I’m a firm believer that the plot should be explained within the first minute of the show and each character introduced quickly and clearly.” For one of our characters, his reputation precedes him! Rattlesnake Jake is the meanest outlaw this side of the Medina and it’s no surprise that the townsfolk have fled after hearing of his arrival! He takes on the classic ‘baddie’ role with sidekick Sam Shuttlebucket close in toe. Sam has a tendency to get things wrong and although he’s not dumb, his innocence and naivety is obvious! Followed up by Bounty Hunter Buffalo Bob who’s fast approaching Cowboy Town on her search for outlaws, there’s bound to be a gun fight! Let’s just hope that the new Sheriff Theodore Wilberforce Indiana Tucker will be able to make the town safe again!

Fight scenes, jeopardy, guest interaction, explosives and a great vein of honest, adult humour  make this Cowboy Show our favourite yet!

Catch the show and a whole host of other activities during Wild West Week at Blackgang Chine from 26th May – 3rd June.
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