What does Blackgang Chine mean to you?

The very word has a legendary ring about it, summoning up visions of smugglers, shipwrecks and storm lashed shores. The word Chine means chasm or gorge that has been formed by the erosive action of wind and water.

The Dabell family have steered the Blackgang experience through five generations and built up a much loved tourist attraction. Whether it’s the nostalgia of a yearly visit with the family or discovering new adventures, Blackgang Chine holds a very special place in the hearts of so many friends of Blackgang Chine across the world.

Since opening in 1843, Blackgang Chine has, over the years, continued to add new attractions whilst maintaining the much loved family favourites, including sustaining retaining it’s very first exhibit, the whale skeleton washed up on the Isle of Wight shores in 1842.

The Queen and the whale

Did you know, during Queen Mary’s visit to the chine, she was walking through the impressive framework of the whale skeleton, when she struck her head on part of the Jaw Bone and her hat was knocked off! Bruce Dabell, the manager at the time, apologised profusely and within a few minutes, a man appeared with a hacksaw to remove the offending piece of bone.

The Magic Behind Underwater Kingdom 

With the new year, comes a very exciting new magical theme world, Underwater kingdom, which brings a whole new experience to our Land of Imagination. We can’t wait to unveil it to you.

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